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Have you always wanted to find a hidden gem in the crowd, a perfect fit for your company?

GROW360 is an original 360-degree assessment system developed by IGS (Institution for a Global Society). It assesses candidates’ personality, competencies and skills through bias-free assessment technology to reveal their growth potentials.

Our technology

Assess candidates’ potentiality using smartphone based 360-degree feedback technology.


Provides bias-free competency assessment using Artificial Intelligence

To cope with assessment biases, GROW360 evaluates each assessor and provide most accurate results.


Access candiates data from your account and identify top talents.

Competency assessment with GROW360

Assessment method:
GROW360 assessment model consists of 25 competencies. Contextual questions are asked to the assessor. The assessor simply needs to choose the answer that corresponds the most to the candidate’s behavior in the context.
GROW360 will then analyze data obtained from several evaluators and define candidate's strength and growth potential.

GROW360 is accessible directly on the Web:
- Candidates do not need to install a dedicated application on their smartphone
- 360-degree feedback has never been so simple!

Personality assessment with GROW360

What is iAT?

The implicit-association test (IAT) is a measure within social psychology designed to detect the strength of a person's automatic association between mental representations of objects (concepts) in memory.

GROW360 provides a unique personality assessment test based on iAT and finger movement recognition. The combination of reaction speed, finger movement analysis and automatic association between mental representations of concepts ensure a bias-free.

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  • IGS Founder and CEO Masahiro Fukuhara will be featured in Da Next Big Thing - Ai Symposium held in Abu Dhabi on March 14.
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  • Press release: Announcement of a recent round of Series A funding of 2.5 Million dollars equivalent. Since September 2016, IGS raises a total of 6 Million dollars equivalent to 4 leading universities investment funds:
    UTEC(University of Tokyo Edge Capital), TUSIM(Tokyo University of Science Investment Management), KII(Keio Innovation Initiative) and Miyako Capital(University of Kyoto).
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  • IGS has been featured on Business Insider
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  • HR Technology award: GROW received the price for innovation, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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